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        Zandona Thermoboot

        Kód produktu: GF-E2730


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        135.00 € s DPH

        S/M (obvod 26 - 31 cm)
        L/XL (obvod 32 - 37 cm)

        Dostupnosť: Tovar dodávame od 3 do 14 dní

        THERMOBOOT is a special resting horse boot of the Zandonà Therapeutic Line, specifically designed for convenient application of cold/heat therapies directly to horse tendons and joints. Made of Neoprene with inner Aluminium Thermal-Coating to better insulate and prolong the cold/hot effect, it also includes a 3D-Mesh lining to protect the horse skin from burning, allowing optimal transfer of cold/heat. The unique shape of THERMOBOOT has been developed to ensure stability and comfort during use, favouring the optimal contact with Tendons and Joints. The strong closure-system ensures perfect adherence to the leg and the “easy-pull” flap helps and speeds up the safe removal of the boot. Regular use of THERMOBOOT for short periods (20-30mins) after intense exercise can help preventing small injuries and/or traumas to ligaments, tendons and joints as well as reducing localised swelling, heat and pain. THERMOBOOT can be worn on both front and hind legs. Contains two special Gel-Packs (one for each boot).


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